Research on international human rights issues, with a gender and women’s rights lens. Expertise on ending sexual violence in conflict.

Writing for various audiences including fact-based reports, advocacy documents such as briefs and promotional materials and web.

Coordinating consultants including researchers, editors, and designers to produce high-quality publications in multiple languages.

Selected Reports

Sudan 2013 report


Researcher, writer & editor:

Survivors Speak Out: Sexual Violence in Sudan published in 2013 by the Nobel Women’s Initiative and the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict. In English and Arabic.



Israel Palestine 2013 Report

Researcher, writer & editor:

Partners for Peace: Women in Israel and Palestine Working for an End to the Conflict published in 2013 by the Nobel Women’s Initiative.




Conference 2011 Report

Researcher & writer:

Women Forging a New Security: Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict published in 2011 by the Nobel Women’s Initiative.



[description]selected articles [/description]


Holocaust survivor, rescuer live like sisters The Associated Press | contributing writer | 2 August 2008: They are two silver-haired ladies with a special bond forged in the Holocaust. One is the daughter of Jews who perished under the Nazis, the other her Roman Catholic rescuer. 

Poland’s Walesa blames Soviet system for 1970 shipyard deaths [pdf] The Associated Press | 30 July 2008: Testifying at the trial of Poland’s last Communist leader, Former Polish President Lech Walesa suggested Wednesday that the Soviet system was responsible for the killing of protesting shipyard workers in 1970, rather than individuals. 

Poland says no to DNA testing of Chopin’s heart [pdf] The Associated Press | contributing writer | 25 July 2008: Like a religious relic, the heart of composer Frederic Chopin rests in a Warsaw church, untouched since it was preserved in alcohol after his death in 1849 at age 39. 

Poland bids farewell to Solidarity icon Bronislaw Geremek at Warsaw funeral [pdf] The Associated Press | 21 July 2008: Solidarity activist Bronsislaw Geremek was honored by thousands at a funeral Mass in Warsaw on Monday, with former President Lech Walesa calling him “the greatest of Poles”. 

Poles who rescued Jews honoured in Warsaw The Associated Press | contributing writer | 20 July 2008: Wanda Bulik was only 18 when a conductor approached her on a train during the height of World War II and asked her to take care of an abandoned 3-year-old Jewish boy found traveling alone.

12 charged in 2006 roof collapse in Poland The Associated Press | 18 July 2008: Prosecutors have charged 12 people in connection with the deadly 2006 winter roof collapse that killed 65 people at an exhibition hall in southern Poland. 

Henryk Mandelbaum, 85: Auschwitz survivor The Associated Press | 17  June 2008: Henryk Mandelbaum, who was forced by the Nazis to strip fellow Jews of valuables and gold teeth after they were gassed at Auschwitz, died Tuesday, a historian said. He was 85. 

Historians seek World War II eviction survivors [pdf] The Associated Press | 16 June 2008: The Warsaw Uprising museum said Monday that it is trying to track down former resident of the Polish capital removed from their homes by the Nazis during the 1944 revolt. 

Poland says farewell to young athlete, mother who died after bone marrow transplant [pdf] The Associated Press | contributing writer | 9 June 2008: Volleyball player Agata Mroz was diagnosed with bone marrow disease at 17, but mustered the strength for the sport she loved, helping win two European gold medals for Poland’s national women’s team. 

Poland’s Walesa denounces President over spying allegations [pdf] The Associated Press | 6 June 2008: Poland’s Solidarity founder Lech Walesa lashed out at the country’s president in remarks published Friday, angry that the president accused him of having spied for the communist-era secret police.

Poland holds memorial service for Irena Sendler, WWII savior of 2,500 Jewish children [pdf] The Associated Press | 15 May 2008: Hundreds of friends and admirers of Irena Sendler packed a church in central Warsaw for a funeral and memorial service to honor the Polish social worker credited with saving nearly 2,5000 Jewish children from the Nazi Holocaust. 

“For me to kill you would be peanuts.” The Inside World of Eastern European Politics [pdf] The Concordian | 4 March 2008: “Life is so hard nowadays. Because of the communists, because of what happened after, it was all a joke… at least I can hold my head high and know my conscience is clear,” she crouches down and whispers cautiously in my ear. It’s noon and I am on a crowded, hot streetcar in downtown Warsaw this past May getting a free history lessons from a little old lady with bright purple hair. Her attempt to be discreet is futile. 

Na Zawsze Colca [pdf] Poznaj Swiat | February 2008: Dwadziescia piec lat temu, niesieni nurtem rzeki, przybyli tu pontonem i kajakiem. Szesciu mlodych mezczyzn wyloadowalo na kamienistym brzegu, niedaleko odcietej od swiata hacjendy, ktorej meszkancy nie mogli zrozumiec, skad sie tu wzieli. Po latach przyjechali jako bohaterowie, goraco witani przez miejscowych, wiencami uwitymi z kwiatow, owocow i jarzyn.